Here are some articles about our research from around the web.



Tanya speaking about how awesome cockroaches are on the ABC morning show (go to 1 hour, 10 seconds):

Tanya talk's ants  and infrastructure on "Open for discussion" podcast

Meat ant networks

Ants Improve Network Design via I F**king Love Science (October 2015)

How ants could influence urban planning via The Fifth Estate (October 2015)

Ants are incredibly cost-efficient urban planners via CityLab (October 2015)


Bugs are important and deserve our respect, says analyst via (August 2014)

How busy bees and ants could help save our cities via Sydney Morning Herald (March 2016)

Externalised spatial memory in slime moulds

The slimy road not taken via Quirks and Quarks (October 2012)

Brainless slime mould has an external memory via BBC Nature (October 2012)

Gooey trails help slime moulds to navigate via the ABC Science (October 2012)

Brainless slime mould navigates using ‘memory’ via Cosmos  (October 2012)

Puddles of goo? Brainless slime moulds have memories via Science on (October 2012)

Brainless creature solves problems with memories of slime via Discover Magazine (October 2012)

Organism without a brain creates external memories for navigation via ARS Technica (October 2012)

First demonstration of spatial memory in brainless slime molds via (October 2012)

Slime has memory but no brain via National Geographic News (October 2012)

Slime mold’s powers of recall hint at origin of memory via Wired Magazine (October 2012)

Brainless Slime Mold May Point Toward Origin of Memory via Bloomberg Business (October 2012)

Slime can navigate using external memory, despite having no brain – a precursor to the nervous system? via ZME Science (October 2012)

Argentine Ant Networks

Ants, swarms and navigation: biomimicry via ABC's Future Tense, Radio Interview (June 2011)

No leader, no plans, no problem via (Feb 2011)

Ants build cheapest networks via (Feb 2011)

A colony of solutions via Cosmos Magazine (Feb 2011)

Leader-less ants make super efficient networks via (Feb 2011)

Slime moulds explain irrational humans via ABC Science News (August 2011)

What brainless moulds may teach us via Sydney Morning Herald (September 2010)

Let slime moulds do the thinking! via The Guardian (September 2010)

Even Slime Molds Make Mistakes via Science ScienceShot (September 2010)

Brainless slime mould makes decisions like humans via Discover Blogs (August 2010)

Humans and the slime mould via Dan Ariely (September 2010)